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Are you ready for the circular economy?

report by the United Nations titled ‘A new circular vision for electronics’ has warned that the world is soon going to be hit by a tsunami of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste), due to the sheer amount of e-waste being generated currently and the lack of its recycling.


The international community is starting to take notice of this, and we are seeing efforts to reduce e-waste that we should also adopt. A recent survey by Gartner, Inc. found that fifty-one percent of supply chain professionals expect that the focus on their circular economy strategies will increase over the next two years.


This move from a linear to a circular approach is seeing organisations focus on resource efficiency and reduced emissions. The old 'produce, use and discard' philosophy is changing and we are starting to see organisations move to a more sustainable solution to 'produce, use, reuse and recycle' equipment.

With our services, IT can contribute to achieving your sustainability goals. We can help you finance and manage your technology assets in their 'first life' and give them a 'second life' by refurbishing and re-marketing those assets securely and sustainably.

Access to equipment vs. ownership promotes a business model that focuses on using equipment during its useful life in your environment and when that period is over, it can be returned and utilised again.

Equipment used through our leasing agreement is refurbished and rented out through Qrent, our refurbished business division - extending its useable life.

When it is time to recycle the equipment, it is done in an ecologically and responsible manner with our IT Asset Disposal solution - removing the environmental impact of IT.

Our end to end IT lifecycle management solution can help you transition to a sustainable, new economic model. 

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